UP arrow (or space)
to produce an energy wave


DOWN arrow
to revert your surface

Life depends on you.

You are about 30 000 years after our era. Humans, as every multicellular form of life, have been exterminated since a long time now after a century of chaos that succeeded to a brutal natural disater.

You are a cell.

Not any cell but the only cell that lasts on the surface of Earth. You are the ultimate evolution. You can give birth to a new kind of creature, to a new kind of world, or you can die, leaving behind you the last hope for a life on the planet Earth. Your composition is double, and must be balanced to survive. You can turn inside out your cell envelope anytime and your have the property to grow by absorbing nutriments that come to you. Your life will depend on the balance of your system and your ability to adapt and anticipate.

Be careful: you are alone and weak.

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